The Korean Geek

Tech. Kpop. Gaming. The three things in life for a Korean geek.


The TGK blog is a personal project of mine where I post stuff about my 3 vices in life. Technology, gaming, and k-pop/k-drama.


I’ve been a technology enthusiast since my teenage yearsĀ and while my primary interest lies with computers and phones, I will post about various other areas as well. After all, all technology is linked together. Also, I would describe myself more of a “hardware nut” rather than a “software geek”…


Gaming has been a significant part of my relaxation times. I tend to prefer singleplayer games more than multiplayer as they let me play at my own pace. Multiplayer games tend to require constant hours to progress and keep up with new content, not to mention the prolific microtransactions that plague most of them nowadays.


First of all, I’m Korean. But I’ve never lived in Korea. The first four years of my life was spent in New Zealand and then Australia afterwards where I still reside. I got into k-pop late in my teenage years and while I’d consider myself a fan of many groups, I don’t join fan cafes or any of that kind of thing. I just watch MVs and listen to their music. Korean dramas came a bit later and I find that they’re regularly more enjoyable than their Western counterparts.